Timeless (2019)

Timeless is the third release by Moya Brennan and Cormac De Barra under their Voices & Harps banner.
This album represents the most creative collaboration to date, with eight newly-written songs, two traditional tracks and a version of Christine McVie’s Songbird that’s been given the Voices & Harps treatment.
The recording began as a collaboration with Los Angeles-based producer & engineer, Lynne Earls on new music for a television project, and grew into an album of new music and songs mostly in the Irish language. It was recorded between LA and Moya’s studio in Dublin.

Affinity (2013)

‘Affinity’ is the second album from the First Lady of Celtic Music, Moya Brennan, and harp virtuoso, Cormac De Barra, in their Voices & Harps collaboration – a partnership combining the simplicity, depth and beauty of the extraordinary skills which make them unique in their own field. They are both well versed in Irish traditional […]




Voices & Harps (2011)

Moya Brennan, the First Lady of Celtic Music, and virtuoso harpist Cormac De Barra both come from large musical families in Ireland and their mutual admiration for each other naturally developed into a stimulating musical relationship. Their new album, Voices & Harps, is the culmination of their friendship and creative synergy over the past decade. […]



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